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Featuring an industrial design, high-capacity power supply, and assured system compatibility.

  • First Impressions

    If you 're impressed by elegantly restrained industrial design, the MM7025 is guaranteed to make a lasting “ and very positive “ impression.

  • Getting Connected

    Both single-ended RCA and balanced XLR inputs assure system compatibility regardless of your preamplifier or processor.

  • Your System, Your Way

    The MM7025 encourages various system configurations. Use one for dedicated two-channel listening, or use two as zone amplifiers to power speakers in different rooms.

The Power Supply

As befits a Marantz amplifier, the high-capacity power supply begins with an oversized EI-core transformer feeding carefully chosen capacitors capable of storing 30,000 µF of energy. This combination instantaneously delivers peak power to all amplifier stages for distortion-free reproduction of the most complex sources.

Output Devices

In the final amplification stage, specially selected LAPT Hyper-Power output transistors, originally selected for Reference Series use, deliver fortissimo and pianissimo passages with equal aplomb. To make sure they 're always operating at ideal temperatures, these transistors are mounted on a forced-air thermal tunnel.

Marantz Sound Quality

The MM7025 advanced technology serves all your listening needs. Current feedback circuits, also used in Marantz Reference Series amps, insure the purest sonic reproduction regardless of source. Another MM7025 virtue, and one directly traceable to its substantial current capability, is the control it establishes over difficult speakers to reproduce both dynamic musical peaks and whispered dialogue without blemish.

Remote Control, Too

You 'll find rear panel connections for a flasher input that conveys On/Off commands from an infrared (IR) remote controller. There 's a DC trigger input (and output) that lets you daisy chain one or several MM7025s to turn on and off in synchronization with your preamplifer or surround processor. If you 're going to use the MM7025 with legacy Marantz products, there are RC-5 connectors to give you a level of operating convenience you might not have thought possible.