Using Klipsch's Balanced Dynamic (KBD) driver technology, the fully balanced drivers move like a piston and decrease distortion bringing the most authentic bass ever heard in an over-ear headphone. With deep, comfortable ear cushions and high-end 40mm KBD dynamic drivers, Reference Over-Ear is the new benchmark for over-ear sound.

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  1. General Details

    One of Paul W. Klipsch’s first labors of love was a headphone. 70 years
    later, our legendary acoustic heritage combined with in-depth comfort
    and fit expertise are forged into every Klipsch headphone making them
    the best sounding, most comfortable options on the planet. Reference
    on-ear headphones are engineered to minimize fatigue and create the
    perfect seal so you can rock-on, way past the encore.

    Reference Over-Ear headphones use patented Klipsch Balanced Dynamic
    (KBD) driver technology which puts you closer to the music by equalizing
    the weight of the driver’s diaphragm. KBD driver technology significantly
    improves sound by reducing the driver’s intermodulation distortion (IMD)
    by removing lead wires from the diaphragm. Distortion reduces clarity and
    changes the original sound to make it unnatural. The difference is noticeable
    as bass becomes fluid and connected to the midrange and high frequencies
    without becoming bloated or disconnected. The improved dynamics create a
    soundstage and presence only heard in Klipsch’s legendary speakers.

    Designed to sound completely neutral, Reference Over-Ear creates audiophile
    sound without audiophile price. The enhanced precision of Klipsch’s KBD
    driver adds clarity and articulation to any song. The the balanced driver
    moves like a piston, lowering distortion and improving resolution.

    Reference Over-Ear’s removable memory foam ear cushions are soft and
    deep. With an extra large ear opening, the cushions are one-size-fits-all. The
    earcup provides articulation in every direction, ensuring that pressure is
    applied evenly across the entire head. With just the right amount of headband
    pressure, your ears stay comfortable for hours.

    Perfect for on-the-go situations, Reference Over-Ear headphones fold up and
    includes a hard zip carrying case. A durable, tangle-resistant cable and three
    button mic allows full control of your Apple device without having to take it
    out of your pocket.


    • Premium Acoustic Technology and Materials
    • Unique 40mm Klipsch Balanced Dynamic Drivers
    • Removable Flat Cable
    • 3-Button Remote + Mic for iOS
    • Removable Ear Cushions
    • Portable, Folding Design
    • Hard Shell Zip Carrying Case
  2. Technical Info


    Style Closed – Back Over-Ear
    Driver Design – Patented Klipsch Balanced Dynamic (KBD)
    Driver Components – Full Range KBD-40
    Driver Diameter – 40 mm
    Mic/Remote – Apple® Mic + 3-button Remote
    Cable – 48″ Tangle-Resistant Flat Cable
    Frequency Response – 15Hz-20 Hz
    Sensitivity (1mW) – 110 dB
    Power Handling – 100 mW
    Impedance (1kHz) – 32 ohms
    Input Connections – 3.5 mm
    Weight – 253g
    Colors – Black, White


    • Reference Over-Ear Headphone
    • Travel Case
    • 48″ Cable and Microphone for Apple® Devices

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