Shane Potter
Owner of Fine Fidelity and a complete audio/visual enthusiast.

With over 14 years in the industry, Shane has a passion for all audio / visual.  His knowledge and skill ensures that you are being given the best advice to suit your needs.  He will not only assist you in purchase, but offers personally “in your home” training to ensure that you also enjoy the best of your equipment and receive that “Wow!” factor.

Shane keeps up to date with all the latest in technology advances, not only by what is happening here in Australia but also what is happening in the international industry.

Shane’s passion even goes as far as his own personal 11 channel Dolby Atmos Home Theatre in his home.  It is his time in his own home theatre that he enjoys listening to various music and all the latest movies on offer.  He shares with his customers his own personal experience and recommendations of what are the “must listen” and “must watch” things.
Amanda Potter
Wife of Shane Potter
Amanda assists Shane with all the behind the scenes tasks like bookkeeping and marketing requirements.  Amanda adds the “women’s touch” to all those masculine surroundings.  She is kept well informed by Shane of all the latest in the industry and has a very good listening ear.  She offers her advice to Shane on all products as to if they meet the “wife approval” standards.

She is also the amazing mother of their 2 beautiful children, Meleena and Liam.
Meleena & Liam
Our kid testers
Meleena & Liam offers their keen eyes, ears and knowledge on all the latest and greatest gadgets of the 21st Century technology available to their generation.  They are strong critics of the latest children’s movies on offer. 
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